It all started WITH A SHINE!

Johnny's Wax Shop was founded in Kelowna, BC Canada by a long time shine enthusiast. Back in the day I kept my shine products in an old bucket. During a move one year, the movers wrote 'Johnny's Wax' on the bucket (Johnny happens to be my middle name).

From then on the bucket was known as 'Johnny's Wax Shop'. Over the years the bucket was replaced but the passion for the shine continued. 

Johnny's Wax Shop purpose is to share the passion for the art and beauty of all rides. Our clients view detailing as an advanced skill, a true art form that is understood and practiced by a select few. There is a common bond for the preservation and protection of our toys.

Making premium shine products in North America is not so simple! We work directly with a chemical company to fanatically manufacture our line of premium, high quality craft blended products. By using the finest ingredients we can can ensure our products provide the ultimate clean, protectant and shine to keep all your toys looking great!

Ride and Drive and DIRT-OFF!


Tod Johnny Melnyk - Founder & Chief Detailer